Terms and Conditions

1. Our plans are valid for a fixed number of devices, as mentioned in the plan of your choice, uniquely identified by IMEI numbers of your devices.

2. Our plans are valid for a stipulated period, as mentioned in the plan of your choice, and our services lapse on termination of the stated time period.

3. Our plans protect only hand-held mobile devices, uniquely identifiable by IMEI numbers, and do not cover any other forms of electronic devices, like those of tablets, laptops and cameras.
*Cash-on-delivery, unless stated otherwise. (Delivery Charges will apply both on new order and replacement requests).*

4. Our plans (subscribed and purchased) are non-refundable in nature, and payments of such plans are accepted in cash or any other mode of payment.Customers in no case can demand any claim or refund once they have availed their services.

5. Our plans prohibit the customer from removing the damaged screen protection, and only enable our Express Delivery-Men to remove a damaged screen protector with our Prime protector glasses.

6. Our plans prohibit the customer from intentionally damaging their screen protectors with penalties for the same ranging to immediate termination of their contracts.

7. Our plans last for a tenure as mentioned in the selected plan, that is, from the date of purchase to the termination date, from the date of purchase, either
half-yearly or annually, as stated in the plan. If the customer wishes to avail our services any further he/she may buy another plan of his/her choice after the previous subscription is over.

8. Incase of any dispute, the decision taken by our Express delivery men and our Prime secure team will be abided.

9. It is mandatory for the customer to fill up all details while requesting a subscription or replacement for the same to be successful.

10. If the customer demands a replacement, they should produce their warranty card infront of the express delivery person who would be replacing their screen protector. Replacement will not be provided if the customer fails to retain their Prime Secure warranty card by any reason that they have received at the time of first service. However if the customer wants to obtain a fresh card they would be charged ?50 for the same.

*Note- The fresh card would carry the purpose of facil-itating replacements for your device for the remaining period of subscription and in no circumstances would effect the particular service terms and conditions that the previous card would carry.*

11. If a customer requests replacement, and the executive reaches his place for the same purpose but the customer doesn’t avail replacement due to any reason at that particular time, then only for the very next subsequent replacement, he would be charged double delivery fee i.e 40/- for that particular replacement.

12. The company provides this service for device models launched 2016 onwards.

13. The service is provided for the replacement of your screen guard and the liability of the company remains limited just towards your screen guard. A customer under any circumstance cannot demand/ claim any amount from the company towards any other parts of his/her device.

14. The plan covers only the particular devices for which cards are issued, customers cannot avail this service for any further devices other than the number covered in the plan purchased by him.

15. Any referral/discount/coupon codes offered to the customer would be ineffective if the customer doesn’t provide that while placing his/her order.

16. Any amount once paid by any mode would be non-refundable and the customer can in no circumstances make a claim over it in future.

17. The service will be available only till the subscription period mentioned in the warranty card.

18. The 48 hour time clause would remain ineffective in case of any strikes, or major national holidays.
Family Protect & Family Pride Conditions for Prime Family Plans
Both the services are only for the family members staying together. (family here means, mother-father-son-daughter-cousin-granddaughter-grandson)

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